About us

We are Sighthound Sport enthusiasts specialized on Wolfhounds – the Irish Wolfhound and the Borzoi (Barzoi, Barsoi – the Russian Wolfhound), both a wonderful combination of power and elegance.

Our borzoi @ the 2019 federal winner race

We love the breeds we are working with and are striving to train strong, healthy, active and long-living hounds.

Our Irish Wolfhounds of the D-litter @ their debut race

Our ideal is the combination of beauty and performance on the highest level.
Therefore we actively show our dogs on international dog shows and attend competitive dog sports ( racing, coursing) because we want to preserve the original skills and fundamental abilities for which they were bred. And the hounds love it!

We act according to the rules and are members of the german and international associations DWZRV, VDH and FCI.