Ch. MVCh. Mucha Moor’s Rüdiger

Our available stud dogs:


C.I.B. MJCh.MCh. Power & Elegance Bram Beamer


C.I.B. DJCh.MCh. Power & Elegance Bentley Famous Spear (last cardiac examination January 2022)


C.I.B. MJCh.MCh. Power & Elegance Brabus Benz (last cardiac examination January 2022)


JCh.MCh. Power & Elegance Ducati Diavel (last cardiac examination July 2022)


JCh.MCh. Power & Elegance De Tomaso Pantera  (last cardiac examination August 2022)



JCh.MCh. Power & Elegance Dodge Viper (last cardiac examination May 2022)

Of course you are welcome to know our stud dogs personally in advance. We’re looking forward to meet you at a sighthound event.

For breeders:

If you are interested in one of our stud dogs who does not have a currently valid cardiac examination, please contact us in good time (at least 2 months before the expected mating date). We will then have a current heart exam if necessary.

Furthermore, we always have inquiries offspring of our breeding dogs. We are happy to establish contact with breeders who expect offspring from our males in their kennel.

For those interested in puppies:

If you are interested in a puppy from one of our males, we would be happy to put you in touch with the breeder who is planning a litter with the male.